Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I came to law school because I had no other options. What do you do with a useless BA? Go to law school, moron.
It sucks so much because it is pointless. Utterly pointless. I'm learning to "think like a lawyer"? What an complete load of garbage. If I have to read one more pre-1800 case so that I understand the "context" in which the current law developed, I'm going to fucking kill someone.
Because I'm an idiot.
Because lawyers have nothing else in life to hold onto except their salary and prestige. Wife and kids sure aren't gonna stick around for long when you're at the office until midnight six days a week. Not when they can get half your assets in a divorce settlement.
I should have realized sooner that this might not be the path for me. But once you drop that 60k on your first year, you're kinda stuck. Now I'm caught in the whirlpool.
Because I'm caught in the whirlpool, all I can do is whine. So listen!

Venting is bliss.


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