Thursday, January 26, 2006


Second day of class...
Professor Evil: Mr. X, what do you think about the holding in this case?
Mr. X: well.....
Professor Evil: Mr. X, what are you doing in that seat??? On my seating chart you're one seat over.
Mr. X: ummm......
Professor Evil: Does not the syllabus make it very clear that you cannot switch seats after the first day of class?
Mr. X: yeah, I guess so, I must have made a
Professor Evil (interrupting): I made this very clear on the syllabus. Mr. X, do you have the syllabus with you?
Mr. X: yeah
Professor Evil: Mr. X, read aloud the first paragraph on page 3.
Mr. X: (reads it, it says you can't change seats)
Professor Evil: Thank you Mr. X. Now apologize to the class for wasting their time. And move one seat to my left.

Third day of class...
No more Mr. X. Thank god for add/drop.


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