Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sexual injection

So I was watching "Maury" today, which is often how I spend my extensive daytime procrastination hours, and it was the usual "3 men could be my baby's daddy" show. For some reason it reminded me of this great case we read in first year crim, Boro v. Superior Court, 163 Cal.App.3d 1224. Basically, this guy Boro calls up Ms. R and tells her he was a physician from Peninsula Hospital, and that her blood test had shown an extremely rare disease that could be fixed by a very costly procedure, or by having sexual intercourse with a man injected with a serum, for a reduced cost. Ms. R, being the money-savvy woman that she was, of course chooses the "sexual injection", meets Boro at a hotel room, and pays him for the treatment. When Ms. R later discovers, much to everyone's surprise, that she was duped, she charges Boro with rape. And loses! The court said that because she knew she was having sex, it didn't matter that the reasons for it were false.

Now, I thought this was a pretty awesome case. My female classmates disagreed, and I have a strong suspicion that voicing my feelings in class was at least part of the source of the dating drought that ensued. Now, don't get me wrong, rape is terrible, but this case was just so ludicrous, I couldn't feel too bad for Ms. R. She believed that meeting this guy in a hotel room and paying him in cash for a sexual injection was a legit cure. Come on now. You also gotta wonder how many women Boro called before he got one to fall for it. So many questions.

Then, in what I think was the final nail in the coffin, I busted out this direct quote from the casebook. “Of course men often use their economic superiority to gain sexual advantages, but women often use their sexual superiority to gain economic advantages. So who is the extortionist?”

I've since learned to keep my mouth shut.


Blogger Constance said...

Its not rape, its prostitution!

You and you REALLY shouldn't say stuff like "women use their sexuality to extort" because you just made all the girls in your class feel damn ugly because they can't remember the last time they were able to extort a guy

Also, you sound like you go to prostitutes.

2:14 AM  

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