Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Burger King University doesn't teach this

Man, why can't stuff like this happen to me? Two cops in New Mexico are suing Burger King after finding pot sprinkled in their burgers. I'm sure I've had all types of bodily fluids and animal droppings in my delicious whoppers (with cheese of course), but nothing that actually made the burger taste better. It's like the perfect storm- as you get the munchies, you're already eating! Really, this is a stupid lawsuit, why not just leave it at charging the kids with a criminal offense (you're cops for crying out loud!), but my favorite part of the whole thing has to be the cops' lawyer's quote, "It gives a whole new meaning to the word 'Whopper'". Awesome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good story, most likely someone was targeting the cops, but I was unable to read the link as by this time the page seems to have expired.

The last sentence was similar to a line used by Jay Leno. The cops had busted some guy selling pot at a McDonald's drive thru window. Leno said 'it gives new meaning to the phrase Happy Meal.'

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