Monday, June 05, 2006

The smartest thing I will ever say

Do not hook up with someone at work. Seriously.
Sometimes crazy takes a while to show itself.


Blogger The BLS said...

Is there an "I've learned this from experience" blog entry coming up? Cause I'd hate to miss THAT. :)

1:28 PM  
Anonymous TexLaw66 said...


"Sometimes crazy takes a while to show itself."

I don't think that's just true at work.

1:47 PM  
Blogger LawMommy said...

Very astute observation about the nature of craziness.

*please make the voices stop*

8:23 PM  
Blogger sadielady said...

work hookups are fun.

8:58 PM  
Blogger ptlawstudent said...

See, there's a trick to sleeping around at work.

Typically, do it with folks in a different department. Very good if you don't have to interact with that department on a daily basis.

Never go after an immediate boss or your subordinate. Bad mojo there. (But it can be OK to sleep with someone else's boss. As long as they don't have say in your review, life is good.)

Be aware that you'll be part of the rumor mill no matter how good you think you are at sneaking around. Be ready for that or don't screw folks at work.

But most important, for law firms only, don't screw fellow summers. You guys are always gonna be lumped together at events and have to work together as a group. If things go bad you can't escape.

And yeah, what you discovered, crazy can take time to surface.

4:51 PM  

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