Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Show me the money!

The chief justice of the supreme court of the united states, the most powerful legal force in the country, makes $212,000 a year. Associate justices make $203,000. A fifth year associate at a biglaw firm, who probably hasn't even had his or her own case yet, but is a pro at document review? $195,000, plus bonus. How can it be that a fifth year associate makes more than a supreme court justice? That's fucked up. Here's my top 4 list for a revamped payscale:
  1. Supreme Court justice. Current pay: $203-$212k a year.
    · Should make: $750k a year. You need to recruit top talent.
  2. President of the United States. Current pay: $400k a year.
    · Should make: $150k a year if Democrat, $100k a year if Republican (they get more kickbacks). Politicians’ pay is tax free (or at least taxed less), and they can spin it into sooo much cash after 4 years. Plus free housing, travel, and security.
  3. The New York Knicks. Team salary this year- $125 million
    · Should make: Substantially less. They’re paying Alan Houston $20 mill, and he’s not even playing, Stephon Marbury $18 mill, Jalen Rose $17 mill, and Steve Francis $15 mill. And they’re second last in the league! How is Isiah Thomas still the GM???
  4. The entire service team at McDonald’s. Current pay: $5.15/hr
    · Should make: $7.50/hr. I salute you, workers of McDonald’s, for always having my fries piping hot and salty, my burgers moist and juicy, and smiles for free. You deserve the raise. I love you.


Blogger dicta said...

i like it, except for mcdonalds. i dont know where you live, but where i live it's a rare moment when they dont screw up my order in some way. but they should get a 25 cent bonus for every day they dont drool on themselves.

9:29 AM  
Blogger The BLS said...

McDonalds workers piss me off. They ALWAYS forget my Sweet-n-Sour sauce.

12:42 PM  
Blogger dicta said...

yeah, they do. of course, once i was at bk and they had actually run out of s&s sauce...how does that happen?!?!

10:43 PM  
Blogger M said...

You haters! You're right though, the quality of McDonalds service is highly variable. I also heard today that in a McD's meal in america there's 10 grams of trans fat, but the same meal at a McD's in Denmark only has .3 grams of trans fat. What's up with that?

1:54 PM  

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