Saturday, April 29, 2006

Stop the madness!

What's the deal with giving professors gifts at the end of the semester? Who started this inane tradition? What, their 6 figure salary and lifetime appointments aren't enough? Does the silly book or gift basket that somehow relates to something that happened in the class validate them as a person? It's like we're tipping a waiter or something. Can you imagine any other profession where you get gifts for just doing your job? "Thanks for filing my taxes, here's a goofy calculator!", "Great job on the implants doc, have a jug of milk!", "Wow, my garden looks great, here's some cerveza!". Professors already get enough love from the gunners the rest of the year, no need to bring me into it as well. Profs are the source of all (well, at least most) of my discontent, chipping in a couple of bucks is kicking a man when he's down. So future 1Ls of the world unite! Stop this tradition right now, and maybe I'll get you a job in 3 years.


Blogger prettylawchick said...

I have to agree...and I think this goes right along with applauding on the last day of class. :)

10:27 PM  

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