Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Genderiffic #1- Torts

Yesterday's post, where I stated that torts was obviously a guy, started me wondering. What if all law school subjects had genders? As if we were in France, but without the nudity, smoking, and great food. I present to you the first in my awesome new "Genderiffic" series. I'll start off with torts, as I've already claimed to know its gender.

If torts had a gender, what would it be?

My immediate thought (stated yesterday) was that torts is evidently a guy. He's destructive, he's negligent, and alcohol is often a factor but never an excuse. He's basically me. But then I thought back, and remembered all that talk about the "reasonable person." It's not a tort if you act as a reasonable person would. Torts involves the absence of the reasonable person, so, logically, torts is without question a woman.


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