Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Law Humor

Great post over at barely legal about lame legal humor. This is exactly why I ended the genderiffic series. Once I realized I'd slipped into the "applying legal terms to common situations" trap, I knew it was time to Schiavo the series.

I wonder why it is that people in the legal field always do this. (I'm assuming actual lawyers also do this as well, but hopefully I'm wrong). Is is that we're so caught up in this fascinating subject? Or is that we've been swallowed whole and socialized to act as "lawyers", and therefore my minimum contacts joke is hilarious? Or is it just the inner nerds coming out, and now it's socially acceptable to make wry academic observations?

I've got to go with door #2. As much as I hate hanging out with other law students, the further along I go, the more I lose my ability to talk about anything else it seems. The hot topic of discussion yesterday was how to correctly pronounce "amicus". Prelawschool me would have punched lawschool me in the face. Now? I fight passionately for a-mee-cus.
I really need that punch in the face.


Blogger java bean rush said...

Your pronunciation is correct, but I'll oblige with the punch anyway.

You are the first law student I've heard that's actually stated that he feels this way.

I thought perhaps I was the only one.

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. (However, I disagree with your egregious misuse of "hopefully".)

9:41 AM  

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