Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

Remember that part in Old School where Will Ferrel's separated wife tells him he forgot his birthday? And you just feel so sorry for the poor guy? Well, call me Frank the Tank, cause I forgot my blog's 1 year anniversary last week. So, as a belated celebration, I'll be drunk for the rest of the day. For your enjoyment, loyal reader, as you cannot be a part of the whirlwind of women, debauchery, and police chases, here are some of the better posts from the past year.

The least worst of YALB:

1 year ago today! Homecoming
Feb 2: Top 5 Things I wish I'd known before coming to law school
Feb 8: Sexual Injection
March 5: You know you love law and order too much when...
April 7: Supreme Stars part 1
April 9: Supreme Stars part 2
June 22: Honesty is not the best...
Aug 10: Sacrifice Fly
Sep 20: Summer Associate Success: the basics
Nov 27: Real advice for 1Ls
Dec 31: Law student new years resolutions


Blogger angela said...

Happy birthday to your blog! I hope I make it to one year or (hopefully) longer.

11:04 PM  

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